in the comments put down websites where lightnovels are being translated an and all websites are od because i also want to know more website also do not repeat websites

Madan no Vandais

Hey viewers its Deathskiller here and I was wondering is volume 10 the fianl volume of madan no vandais….. and if you think it is not i want to now whta you think will happen.please post in the comments below

Translators Jn ,Setsuna and More thanks for all the translations

Hey its Deathkiller here and I would like thank all of the translators who spend there time to give us amazing reads. I would like to thank Setsuna86 who translates Madan  aIso would like to thank Jn who translates Danmachi and many many other translators.If these people had never translated these i would hae to wait years to buy the officail translations and frankly…..that would suck.  If a reader would like to talk about light novels,manga,or anime please let me now in the comments below.And if u would like to know websites to read or watch these let me know in the comments and I will respond….. I know alot of sites

I would also love it if there were any translators like setsuna and Jn  that commented on this post….please share this post or post it on your blog role

Have a nice day guys

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